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Advanced Alien species across multiple conquered planets who live underground are invading, and you need to take the fight to them. You play as a soldier who has been captured by the invading alien forces. Escape from their spaceship prison and take them down!


WASD / Left Stick to move

Mouse / Right Stick to look around

Left Mouse Button / Right Bumper to shoot

Spacebar / (X) to jump

TEAM - Dream Machine:


Zachary Gilfoyle (Gun Mechanics, Player Stats)

Josh Nakhoul (Procedural Generation, Health)


Amin Bahsa (Enemy + Level Design-Underground)

Solomon Hartmann (Weapon Design, Level Design-Above Ground)

Luciana Vessalius (Level Design, Art Assets)


Not Dead Yet v1.01.zip 25 MB

Development log


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The graphics on this are amazing.


Hello! I liked your game, it was super well done on the graphics side but there could be a little bit of polish on the actual gameplay side. Aside from that it was super fun to play! I made a let's play of your game here~


Really polished and fun. Great aesthetics and animations. Also like the amount of levels in the game.